With a tailored collection of gear and services we aim to support the aspiring musician in their search for a personal tone and expression.
We’re thrilled to share our passion, experience and deep knowledge about sound, techniques and equipment. What you’ll find ain’t the regular gear collection. We aim to complement the typical collections with new future vintage gear, sweeten it with our vintage vintage gallery and top it with a unique set of services and the new developments in the industry. Obviously you’ll also find the bare essentials to cover our mutual primary needs to keep on playin”. Always check our website for the daily needs and certain beauties to enhance your collection.
Besides our Future Vintage and Vintage Gallery collection for sale, we also have a fine rental collection of great gear to help make your recordings & special gigs to a sonic experience. We can help and advise to reach certain specific musical sound scapes.
Because Music Matrix also offers a recording studio and several rehearsal studios, it will be hard to find a better place to try gear at a shop location.
While we have access to a very strong network of experts of all the rock’n’roll instruments, the Music Matrix Store builds on Jack Pisters’ lifelong love for the great bands of the history of rock’n’roll and the electric guitar, bass & synths.

Jack Pisters has worked with numerous bands & artists in the industry as a guitarplayer, sound advisor, musical director and as a producer.
Anouk, Keith Caputo, Avalon, Ayreon, After Forever, Sandra van Nieuwland, Racoon, Krezip, Simple Minds.


The Music Matrix store is specialised in great solutions in the here and now for your retro taste of gear and sounds. Boutique amps and specialized pedal brands in “kick ass” combinations is the goal of our offers and advisory.
Because of decades of experience in recording and playing live and a great collection of the best pedals and amps in the history of rock’n’rol we can advise the future players of the industry in their path to a personal tone and expression.
The amps, pedals and guitars are for rent under great conditions in the Music Matrix Studio. For the road we know wich brands deliver the goods and are competing to be recorded on the tracks of the future.



Strings, picks, sticks, tuners, Pedal trains & powersupplies.
Bare essentials are basically the fundamentals of your craft.
The right Capo for the right Neck, different picks to get an awesome tone and feel and the best string to highlight the character of your instrument! We supply the info and the basics to play all the great styles of music you might get into…. The Musicmatrix team has eye for the player and his instrument.



With years of experience in recordinging sessions for bands, soundtracks and commercials we have a strong opinion of interesting gear fitting your budget, style and situation. We take pride in using our network to find the best solutions of your challenges to get the best preamps, microphones, DI’s and processors of your homestudio or take your recordings to the nex step in a recording project ! Besides the gear we can support you in pre production, sound development and the step from song to studio, or studio to stage! Our list of credentials speaks for itself. List of credentials …



Recording studio for lovers of sound and adventure. Specialised in Guitar & bass. We run an awesome project studio with great equipment, monitors and people who can help you to get the best recording that fit’s your budget. We can help with preproduction, arranging, songwriting, sounddesign, recording, mastering and gettin’ the team right to make you ideas come true. The list of instruments, pedals and amps wich could help realize your creative ideas is intense. The clearer you can pitch your idea to us, the better we can write the script to make it happen!


Engineering & Mixing, Sound advice, Tech advice, Coaching, Education, Tune Up. Repairs