Analog Outfitters officially began in 2002 in a basement workshop in Champaign, IL. Ben Juday had spent the three previous years at the University of Illinois pursuing a graduate degree in Geography, with the ultimate goal of being a college professor. In 2000, Ben had the great fortune of meeting physics professor Steve Errede who taught a class entitled “Physics of Electronic Musical Instruments”. Ben asked professor Errede if he could sit in on the course; they became fast friends and Professor Errede became an unofficial mentor to Ben. 15 years later, this collaborative relationship continues with Professor Errede playing an integral design role in almost all Analog Outfitters products. Ben changed career goals from being a college professor to having a career in the music business.

From 2002 to 2011, Analog Outfitters specialized in repairs and live sound. These nine years were formative in giving the team at Analog Outfitters a thorough understanding of the technical side of the music business. After repairing thousands of pieces of equipment, the team learned what designs stood up to the rigors of the road, and what designs failed after six months.

In 2011, Ben Juday decided to build a custom amplifier with no intentions of starting an amplifier business. He had hundreds of old Hammond organ amplifiers lying around the shop, as well as some old signs and some empty scientific equipment cases. After much trial and error, the first Sarge amplifier was born.

After the staff played the amp, they thought they might be on to something. Ben went ahead and built a few more, taking a few to Nashville in 2011 while on a family vacation. With great naiveté and trepidation, he walked into several music stores and asked if they were interested in carrying a new brand of amplifier. Luckily, he found a store to represent them and the Analog Outfitters amp line found its first dealer.

Over the last several years, the team at Analog Outfitters has continued to develop new products and form new relationships with dealers around the world. As part of our company philosophy, we are committed to being good stewards of the Earth’s resources, using recycled or up-cycled materials whenever possible. We strive to treat all of our customers with the utmost respect, whether they are playing along with Stevie Ray Vaughn records in their basement, or touring the world playing in sold out arenas. When a customer buys an Analog Outfitters product, they can call the shop and talk to the designers and builders or come by for a shop tour. We care about the products we build, and we care about the people who spend their hard-earned money to purchase our products. In short, we are honored to be involved in helping other musicians create music.

If you are a current Analog Outfitters customer, we encourage you to reach out to us and introduce yourself and tell us about your music. If you are considering the purchase of an Analog Outfitters product, please feel free to call the shop or email us with any questions. We love to meet new people and help them in their pursuit of great tone!