Since the days of Thomas Alva Edison, all of us are magically connecting via cables, connectors or transmitting sound through the air! Some say anything goes and others look for the holy grail in the transport of their luscious musical phrases. The differences of what we hear as we play live or record through the different cables which are out there are amazing by our experience and a must go area for every aficionado of tone and music! Of course, the budget is important but how much delight can you buy yourself by having a great speaker cable or refurbish the insides of your favorite cab or combo!

Divine Noise in the vision of creator Gil Divine makes beautiful art by connecting all the important places to go by the right solution! Silent, dynamic, well balanced, beautiful looking and trustworthy for a long winding road out there! This all for reasonable prices in the boutique range of cables and handmade to the highest specs of his impressive clientele!

The Music Matrix Store is proud to expand our shop with this great product in which we strongly believe and will use from the day of arrival! Come, try and check it out!

You can check our full Divine Noise pricelist here.

Please contact us if your preferred cable configuration is not orderable at the moment.