Analog Outfitters Cabinet 2 x 10


Featuring re-purposed wood from original Hammond organs, our cabinets are road worthy and provide a killer look to your gear. The AO 2×10 cabinet is loaded with two G10C Warehouse speakers that bring a warmer, lower range and a little more attack than your average 2×10 cab.

They are hand made in Champaign, Illinois by a great team of tone aficionados!

Personally we believe that speaker size is a big secret to great guitar/ band production & arrangements. See it like a well orchestrated orchestra where all the instruments find their sweet spot in the sound spectrum.

Great sounding cabinets with the high quality woods of the original Hammond organs. The construction and history bring a special feel and sound to these beautiful looking cabinets and even would get approval from your loved ones to fit into living room!

The 2 x 10” cabinet has an unique character of it’s own. Ever tried to combine this with a sweet toned Marshall like JTM45 copy or original! Crispy, juicy tones, sweet like butter but with a stingy character to cut through your mix and band like a knife.

Yes This is a no brainer!

The 2×10 pairs well with all Analog Outfitters amp heads, and sounds exceptional for both live and studio work. Custom finishes and speaker options are available upon request.

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2 x 10″ G10C Warehouse speakers
75 Watt Output Power
16 Ohm
54,3cm (H) x 52,4cm (W) x 29,5cm(D)
15,4 kg



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