Analog Outfitters Cabinet 2 x 12


Featuring repurposed wood from original Hammond organs, Analog Outfitters cabinets are road worthy and provide a unique decor to your gear. They are hand made in Champaign, Illinois by a great team of tone aficionados!

Personally we believe that speaker size is a big secret to great guitar/ band production & arrangements. See it like a well orchestrated orchestra where all the instruments find their sweet spot in the sound spectrum.

Great sounding cabinets with the high quality woods of the original Hammond organs. The construction and history bring a special feel and sound to these beautiful looking cabinets and even would get approval from your loved ones to fit into living room!

Than there is the 2x 12” speaker cabinet. Very powerfull and well balanced to meet the expectations of the popular Super Sarge amp! The sturdy quality wood construction with open back fills your room with a wide variety of tonal possibilities!

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