Chase Bliss Dark World Reverb


Digital World. Dark Heart.

Dark World™ is the first fully digital offering from Chase Bliss Audio; a unique dual channel reverb that was made with a little help from their friends. Cooper FX is responsible for the “Dark” channel; a collaborative effort influenced partly by their Generation Loss and Outward designs. Keeley Electronics crafted the “World” channel, which houses three absolutely gorgeous Hall, Plate, and Spring algorithms. Put together, the channels can be routed in 33 distinct ways, creating a stunning palette of reverb ranging from subtle, tasteful, and lush all the way to broken video cassette, glitch shimmer, and infinite freeze. Add all this to the dense digital control and full MIDI, dip-switch, and preset implementation Chase Bliss is known for, and you have yourself a very fun, powerful, and player-friendly reverb pedal in a small package. 

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View the Dark World Instructional Manual | View the Dark World MIDI Manual


IN / OUT•••” mono input jack.


•••” TRS jack for expression pedal (parameter selectable via dip switch in the back of the pedal). Tip goes to wiper. Can also be used for 0-5V Control Voltage (CV) on tip – the ring should be left floating in this case. There are many expression pedals that work with Chase Bliss Audio products, contact us for more info. 


•••” TRS jack. This can be used to interface the pedal with a Chase Bliss Midibox. There is much more information on this in the MIDI manual. In addition, this can be used as a secondary switch to activate / bypass channel D with a momentary normally open (NO) switch.


This pedal consumes ~150mA and should be operated with a standard 2.1mm 9V DC center negative adapter with current supply capabilities of 200mA or more.If you use a “standard” outlet of 100mA, the pedal will not function properly. Input impedance of this device is 1M, and output impedance is less than 1k 

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