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Gamechanger Audio – Footswitch for PLUS Pedal


This is a special Footswitch that gives you quick and easy access to the PLUS Pedal’s “WET only” mode.
Acting as a kill-switch for your instruments DRY signal (which is useful to have on your board anyway), it lets you build huge drones and then drop your instrument back into the mix with one click!.

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Here’s What Makes PLUS Pedal so Awesome

The PLUS Pedal is not a looper, nor a delay or a reverb pedal – it is a whole new type of effect based on a new, patented algorithm called Real-Time Sampling.
Real-Time Sampling records your instrument as you play and lets you selectively stretch out any note/chord into a continuous loop, using just the original signal from your instrument. The result is an incredibly warm and super realistic sound that is also responsive to vibrato, bends and all types of harmonics.
This “stretching machine” enables you to create impossible voice-leading arrangements and switch to playing lead melodies on top of sustained chords instantly – unlike, say, with a Looper or Sampler.

There is also a whole ton of variable settings and multiple layer controls that will force you to explore completely new territories – such as combining up to 5 different notes or chords in real time, or building deep multi-layered drones using the WET only mode.

Another really cool feature is the PLUS Pedal’s built-in effects loop that lets you assign any other effects pedal to the sustained channel only. This, combined with its two separated outputs, makes PLUS Pedal open field for experimentation with multiple signal chains, dual amps, additional effects units, etc.

Instant Classic

In a sea of boutique overdrives, overpriced delay boxes, and all sorts of multi-colored fuzz – PLUS Pedal is truly a breath of fresh air.

That is because the PLUS Pedal is much more than just another stomp-box – it is a powerful extension of your instrument that will transform your approach to playing rhythm and lead, as well as open you up to a whole new world of experimentation, drones and soundscape design…
As one customer so eloquently put it:
“Finally a pedal that looks and feels like an actual instrument, not just some gimmicky toy…”
Just like the Wah Wah or Whammy did in their time – the PLUS Pedal brings a whole new approach to the effects industry – and we believe it has the potential to become a truly iconic piece of gear.


 “All I can say is WOW, what a beautiful piece of musical equipment.. I have had endless amounts of fun creating what I was calling “instant Fripp”, ha but this is better, what an amazing ambient tool. [..] I can’t thank you enough, hands down my favorite piece of gear in years…” Jonathan Wilson (Dawes, Father John Misty, Roger Waters) 

“i got one of your pedals recently – i am using it nightly on a world tour right now.” An anonymous jazz guitarist with a record number of Grammys 🙂 

“Ilja, This device is sooooo cool. Amazing possibilities lay ahead. Thank you.” Jon Carin (Pink Floyd, Roger Waters) 

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