Made in The Netherlands

RJ Amps started in 2012 to design gear related to guitars, recording and high end music reproduction using the best parts available for the best results possible. Their products and services cover the whole range of guitar amplification and high end audio reproduction. RJ Amps has an extented network of technicians and musicians for development and rigourous field testing. No stone is left unturned to get the best result possible.

RJ Amps travels the world to meet the greatest musicians around in order to understand the needs of the pro’s. Players like Dweezil Zappa, Marcus Miller, Scott Henderson, Billy Gibbons, Henny & Xander Vrienten, Richard Hallebeek and Anton Goudsmit are using RJ Amps gear.

  • RJ Amps Auckland Distortion


    Handcrafted by RJ Amps The Auckland high gain pedal is a hardwired distortion able to give a detailled high gain sound with an unsurpassed level of keeping the low end. The sounds of the Auckland range from Dumble like smooth drive to the ultimate in detailled distortion. The pedal is fully hardwired which translates in…

  • RJ Amps Dirge Amp


    Handcrafted by RJ Amps A hardwired amp with a big sound in a small package. It is able to drive a 4x12 cab with serious punch. Works well with pedals and has an impressive headroom.

  • RJ Amps Pacific Compressor


    Handcrafted by RJ Amps A smooth, yet articulate compressor able to perform at a very musical level. A smooth, yet detailled compressor that takes your guitar and bass to the next level. High end sound in a small package.

  • RJ Amps President Delay


    Handcrafted by RJ Amps The President delay pedal is an audiophile and studio grade delay with a rack mount quality in a stomp box form. It has an extreme response to your playing as it should be and leaves any factory made competitor behind him. The President is very versatile. It can be set from…

  • RJ Amps R1 Tube


    Get you some of that Tube goodness - Handcrafted by RJ Amps A hardwired and true bypass tube stage adds rich and natural harmonics in a fat and musical way Although a high quality tube is delivered with the R-1 Tube, this is the ultimate way to finetune the sound

  • RJ Amps Tetsui Overdrive


    Handcrafted by RJ Amps The RJ Amps Tetsui overdrive is a versatile pedal with a smooth drive and a serious range in gain. It is fully hardwired and uses true bypass switching.

  • RJ Amps X pedal


    Handcrafted by RJ Amps A pedal that cleans up your signal and improves the response to your playing in a very musical way. It works great on pedalboards and is used by some very talented artists.