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  • Analog Outfitters Cabinet 2 x 12


    Featuring repurposed wood from original Hammond organs, Analog Outfitters cabinets are road worthy and provide a unique decor to your gear. They are hand made in Champaign, Illinois by a great team of tone aficionados! Personally we believe that speaker size is a big secret to great guitar/ band production & arrangements. See it like…

  • Analog Outfitters Road Amp Combo


    Built from vintage Hammond organ amplifiers, this stunning 20 watt combo incorporates the classic tone of the Road Amp with a speaker cabinet for effortless handling on the road. Continuing Analog Outfitters mission to build amplifiers utilizing re-purposed materials, we constructed a metal road sign cabinet and lined the inner case with wood. This gives the…

  • Analog Outfitters 15W ORGANic Combo


    This 15 watt combo is a skillful new mixture of Analog Outfitters' flagship Sarge amp and a 2x10 ORGANic speaker cabinet. Ideal for any style of music or instrument, this combo amp offers a new take on the rich tone of the Sarge amplifier. Highly portable, this simple tone machine uses a minimalist design to…

  • Analog Outfitters 30W ORGANic Combo


    By popular demand this beautiful Analog Outfitters 30 Watt Combo Amp was born. A perfect blend of the Super Sarge tone and a 1x12 ORGANic cabinet, this 30 Watt amp will make a striking addition to your arsenal. Originally built for Nels Cline of Wilco with lots of headroom and double the power of a…