Art & Performance

From the moment we got our hands, eyes and ears on the Walrus Audio pedals, we were sold. Those guys managed to combine top end, modern and unique sounds with awesome looks. Useful on stage and studio. Each time they introduce a new pedal, they manage to wow us. Great gear for a reasonable price.

Walrus Audio is a collective of artists, musicians and engineers attempting to find the balance between art and performance in sound manipulation. Throughout the years they have been inspired by sounds created by their favorite companies: the perfect breakup on an overdrive; a thick, punchy distortion; an endlessly sustained reverb; a self-oscillating delay. They had to give it a shot. Through many months of late night breadboarding sessions, circuit problem-solving, and sonic tweaking they have come up with a range of guitar pedals as versatile as they are functional.

From smooth fuzz to cutting overdrive, their attempts have been to highlight the functions that we would want from these particular sounds.

Once they had an accurate idea of the sounds they were creating, they then tried to capture the feel and representation of the pedals through their individual artwork. This process was made possible by Oklahoma artist and musician Nathan Price. Taking stylistic inspiration from classically animated films and using freehand sketching, Nathan has perfectly captured what our pedals should look like.

It is the goal of Walrus Audio to make guitar effects that are as interesting to play as they are to look at. And that’s what they are doing.

  • Walrus Audio Aetos 8 output power supply 230V


    The Walrus Audio Aetos is an 8-output, isolated power supply, utilizing an internal custom wound toroidal transformer to provide the highest noise filtering and cleanest power, giving artists the purest sound in their signal chain. The Aetos is housed in a solid die cast enclosure and is 4.7”long  x 3.7” wide x 2” height and…

  • Walrus Audio ARP-87 Multi-Function Delay


    The ARP-87 is a compact, feature-rich delay, packed with a large pallet of inspirational delay tones. Featuring four main algorithms, digital, analog, lo-fi, and slap back, the ARP-87 can cover some serious ground in the world of echoes. The Digital algorithm boasts pristine, crystal clear repeats great for rhythmic riffs. The Analog setting works well…

  • Walrus Audio Bellwether Analog Delay

    469.00 369.00

    The Bellwether is a bucket brigade delay pedal with tap tempo.  Offering analog circuity and up to 1000ms of lush delays, the Bellwether ushers in a rich soundscape of long and short trails. It can achieve the warm saturated sounds found in delays like the Maxon AD999 and the coveted Boss DM-2. Inversely, the repeats…

  • Walrus Audio Contraband Fuzz


    The Contraband is a single-knob fuzz machine that ravages your guitar signal and generates a metallic wall of sound. Because of its size, it’s easy to smuggle into regions where fuzz is not welcome. The Contraband packs a huge punch for being in a petite enclosure.  The single volume knob lets you decide how while…

  • Walrus Audio Deep Six Compressor

    269.00 209.00

    The Deep Six is a true bypass studio-grade compressor in stomp box form, inspired by the performance of the Universal Audio 1176 with the simplicity of the Ross and Dynacomp. Offering a Level, Sustain, Attack, and Blend control, the Deep Six will give you unmatched versatility at a price you can afford. The pedal can…

  • Walrus Audio Descent Reverb/Octave machine

    379.00 319.00

    The Descent was designed to create ambient textures of sound, from thick and endless hall reverbs to symphonic shimmers.   The Descent is a three mode reverb system; hall, reverse, and shimmer.   In each mode, the user has the ability to feed +1 and -1 octaves into the reverberated signal. The Hall mode will feature a…

  • Walrus Audio Fathom Multi-Function Reverb


    The Fathom is a feature-rich reverb with 4 different customized reverb algorithms to choose from. Easily go from tasteful, small room reverb to long, modulated trails dripping of ambient goodness. The toggle switch adds options for low, medium and high modulation. Use the dampen knob to fine tune the tone of the reverb's decay.

  • Walrus Audio Iron Horse Distortion V1

    179.00 159.00

    For raw and versatile distortion

  • Walrus Audio Janus Fuzz/Tremelo

    392.00 309.00

    The Janus is a true bypass, dual joystick controlled Tremolo/Fuzz pedal that allows you to create a landscape of distorted textures. Both the Tremolo and the Fuzz can be isolated and used alone, but can also be used together in series creating thick textures with a lot of movement. Each joystick has a separate X…

  • Walrus Audio Julia Analog Chorus/Vibrato


    The Julia is a fully analog, feature-rich chorus/vibrato packed with a wide array of tonal landscapes begging to be explored.  She is able to produce mild smooth chorus, to seasick vibrato and everywhere in between.  With controls like Lag, Dry-Chorus-Vibrato Blend, and selectable analog LFO wave shapes, you are able to dial in all types…

  • Walrus Audio Kangra Killer Filter Fuzz


    • Spatty octave fuzz and resonant lowpass filter • Fuzz and filter can run independently or together (2-in-1-pedal design) • Filter side is great for sweeps, frequency boost and envelope filter sounds • When engaged, the envelope opens the filter wider the harder you play • Fuzz side offers modern and vintage style fuzz options, as…

  • Walrus Audio Lillian Phaser


    • Versatile all-analog Phaser with stages-switch and dry-wet knob • 4-stages phaser (tight, warm) or 6-stages phaser (complex filtered sounds) • Dry-wet knob (d-p-v) to blend between dry, phase-shifted and vibrato sounds • Explore all sorts of unheard phase/vibrato combinations • Handmade in the US, true-bypass design and top-mounted jacks Strap into the co-pilot seat and join…

  • Walrus Audio Messner Light Gain Overdrive

    239.00 179.00

    The Messner is a low gain-transparent overdrive boasting a wide range of overdrive possibilities.  It is designed to preserve the natural voice of your guitar by not coloring your tone, but giving the user the ability to dial in and out the exact amount of tone they desire. A toggle switch allows the user to…

  • Walrus Audio Monument Harmonic Tap Tremelo


    Inspired by the beautifully jagged, red-sand desert landscape of Monument Valley, the Monument Tremolo is both a harmonic, and standard tremolo that produces a rich, luscious, warm pulsating modulation capable of peaks and valleys as smooth or as jagged as the real ones that our dear mother nature created long ago. With different combinations of…

  • Walrus Audio Phoenix 15 output power supply 230V


    The Phoenix Clean Power Supply is a 15-output isolated power supply, utilizing two internal custom wound toroidal transformers to provide the highest noise filtering and cleanest power, giving artists the purest sound in their signal chain possible. With its 230V transformers, this version can be used in Europe, Australia, and the United Kingdom. All outputs…

  • Walrus Audio Plainsman Booster

    159.00 129.00

    The Plainsman Dual Stage Clean Boost will increase the volume of your instrument signal when employed. It was designed to raise your signal volume without adding overdrive to your sound; to give your amp that extra push it needs to break into the voice you want to reach. The right toggle will give you the…

  • Walrus Audio Slö Multi Texture Reverb


    • Combine three custom Reverb algorithms with three modulation wave-shapes • Three reverb modes: Dark (with low octave), Rise (swell), Dream (latch pad with vibrato) • Three modulation wave-shapes: sine (even pitch up and down), warp (pitch up), sink (pitch down) • Comprehensive parameter set • Sustain switch to ramp up reverb trail to max   The Slö…

  • Walrus Audio Vanguard Phaser

    329.00 269.00

    The Vanguard was designed to create evolving beds of sound; from thick and sweeping harmonics to symphonic tidal waves. It operates as a series phaser system – two phasers working together to give unimaginable texture. The user has three selectable modes to shape the series phaser, sending your signal through a single 10-stage phaser with…

  • Walrus Audio Voyager Overdrive

    249.00 199.00

    The Voyager is a gain/preamp overdrive that boasts a full spectrum of tone from any setting on its simple set of controls. From its lowest to highest settings, the Voyager provides a uniquely superb amount of clarity to any style of playing. At lower gain settings, it brightens the signal and adds clarity to each…