Art & Performance

From the moment we got our hands, eyes and ears on the Walrus Audio pedals, we were sold. Those guys managed to combine top end, modern and unique sounds with awesome looks. Useful on stage and studio. Each time they introduce a new pedal, they manage to wow us. Great gear for a reasonable price.

Walrus Audio is a collective of artists, musicians and engineers attempting to find the balance between art and performance in sound manipulation. Throughout the years they have been inspired by sounds created by their favorite companies: the perfect breakup on an overdrive; a thick, punchy distortion; an endlessly sustained reverb; a self-oscillating delay. They had to give it a shot. Through many months of late night breadboarding sessions, circuit problem-solving, and sonic tweaking they have come up with a range of guitar pedals as versatile as they are functional.

From smooth fuzz to cutting overdrive, their attempts have been to highlight the functions that we would want from these particular sounds.

Once they had an accurate idea of the sounds they were creating, they then tried to capture the feel and representation of the pedals through their individual artwork. This process was made possible by Oklahoma artist and musician Nathan Price. Taking stylistic inspiration from classically animated films and using freehand sketching, Nathan has perfectly captured what our pedals should look like.

It is the goal of Walrus Audio to make guitar effects that are as interesting to play as they are to look at. And that’s what they are doing.